[License-discuss] FAQ entry for slight variations in licenses?

Luis Villa luis at tieguy.org
Thu Mar 7 06:19:11 UTC 2013

A comment on the ISC license page (found by Engel- thanks!) points out
that there is more than one variation of the ISC license. This is a
common issue for the older permissive licenses, unfortunately.

Driven by this question, I think we might want a FAQ entry that
answers the following question:

Q: "I know about a variant of an approved license that differs from
the approved license by only one or two words. Is the variant also an
approved license?"

A: Something along the lines of: "Many older licenses have a variety
of minor variations in the language. Unfortunately, it is not possible
for OSI to review every variation, so we cannot say if a given
variation is approved."

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a non-answer, but I'm not seeing a
good way to address it. Perhaps someone here can give a more
useful/constructive answer that I'm not seeing right now?


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