[License-discuss] Open source license chooser choosealicense.com launched.

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at ebb.org
Tue Aug 27 16:14:49 UTC 2013


Lawrence Rosen wrote at 18:29 (EDT) on Saturday:
> Just don't try to create *derivative works* by mixing them in that
> special and unusual way. ...  How often is it truly necessary to make
> *derivative works* by intermixing software?

I don't think we need to (or should have) this debate (again) here, but
I will point out for those following the thread (in case anyone still is
:) that your theory about the "rarity of derivative work creation" isn't
shared by most (including me) in the field of Free Software licensing.

I note that your entire argument about "the ease of compatibility" is
predicated on your notion that creating a derivative work rarely happens
in practice.  Thus, I hope you can see that if we disagree on that
fundamental point, we're going to come to very different conclusions
about license compatibility.
   -- bkuhn

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