[License-discuss] Open source license chooser choosealicense.com launched.

Richard Fontana fontana at sharpeleven.org
Tue Aug 20 07:01:24 UTC 2013

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 08:48:06PM +0300, Engel Nyst wrote:
> Hello license-discuss,
> On 08/18/2013 04:38 AM, Richard Fontana wrote:
> >Independent of this point, I'm concerned about inaccurate statements
> >made on the choosealicense.com site (one that we talked about was the
> >assertion that GPLv3 "restricts use in hardware that forbids software
> >alterations").
> Please allow me to ask the impossible question: how would you write
> the summary of GPLv3 vs GPLv2 in 8-16 words?

"GPLv3 is lengthier, with additional provisions concerning patents,
'Tivoization', anticircumvention law, license oompatibility, and

- RF

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