[License-discuss] Open source license chooser choosealicense.com launched.

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at ebb.org
Sun Aug 18 00:59:42 UTC 2013

> Bradley M. Kuhn scripsit:
>> Richard Fontana pointed out in his OSCON talk that license choosers
>> generally make political statements about views of licenses.  He used
>> the GitHub chooser as an example, which subtly pushes people toward
>> permissive licenses.

John Cowan wrote at 09:49 (EDT):
> Surely he jests.  Choosealicense.com *blatantly* pushes people toward
> the MIT license.

:)  Fontana has been known to jest.

Still, my view is that it's tough to compliance about this; the
choosealicense.com site says "patches welcome", so we should offer them.

> I don't believe, however, that my chooser <http://ccil.org/~cowan/floss>
> has any such biases.

John, have you considered offering text from your license chooser as a
patch to chosealicense.com?  I think it'd be good to test their claim
that they want contribution, and you seem the right person to do it,
since you've worked on this problem before.

   -- bkuhn

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