[License-discuss] plain text license versions?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Sep 7 18:24:43 UTC 2012

Quoting Ben Reser (ben at reser.org):

> Depending on the license that may not be so easy.

Ben, I was not giving you a very serious reply (but rather a dismissive
one), because frankly I don't think you are approaching this discussion
with a serious attitude, attention to the subject, and/or a sense of
perspective.  Thus, I basically gave your reply the brushoff and exited.

I apologise to the mailing list for speaking unpleasantly in doing so,
but my exiting from this dialogue you are attempting still seems well
justified and I am doing so.

Possibly, you will find other participants who see fit to take your
points seriously.  Good fortune to them and to you, sir.

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