[License-discuss] Boilerplate license text for permissive licenses?

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Wed Nov 28 10:59:05 UTC 2012

On 27/11/12 19:28, D M German wrote:
> Why don't you try the tool we developed. It is a bit hacky, but it will
> help you do what you are doing automatically.
> http://github.com/dmgerman/ninka

Hi dmg,

I did come across ninka in my research, and tried it out, but I couldn't 
really get it to do the right thing for me. :-| And it left loads of 
temporary files all over the place.

> As I mentioned in the previous message, what is the code you are looking
> at? I can run the tool myself and give you the resulting data.

Well, it's the B2G tree, but with some bits excluded because they are 
test code and because we aren't shipping them.

Following these instructions up to just before the point where you 
actually run a build command ("build.sh") will get the code for you. 
Beware, it's big.

Running your tool over that would give a first approximation.

But, AIUI, your tool doesn't do the "detecting licenses which are 'the 
same'" and copyright amalgamation bits which my tool now does.


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