[License-discuss] SPDX License List v1.14 & OSI questions

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Mon Mar 5 21:41:31 UTC 2012

Hi, Jilayne.  Thanks for compiling these outstanding issues; I will take
a look (and others should feel free to as well, obviously).  Sorry for
the delay -- we've been rather consumed with the recent CC0 submission.


Jilayne Lovejoy <jilayne.lovejoy at openlogic.com> writes:
>SPDX License List v1.14 & OSI questions
>Hi Karl and the OSI license-discuss list,
>I'm picking up (finally) where we left off some months ago regarding
>ironing out some questions that came up around aligning the OSI
>licenses and the SPDX License List.  I've included the most recent
>spreadsheet of the license list (only, accompanying .txt files with
>the actual license text not included here for convenience, but can be
>found, if needed, at http://spdx.org/wiki/spdx-license-list)
>I have added an "outstanding issues" column with the following
>* red text = issues or questions for OSI.  Some of these are
>  highlighted in gray indicating more urgency in terms of an answer is
>  needed.  Where there is just red text and no gray highlighting, this
>  denotes something that merely needs to be updated on the OSI website
>  (e.g. A missing SPDX Identifier, etc.) 
>* green text = issues for the SPDX Legal work group (OSI can ignore)
>Please let me know how we can best proceed to get these issues
>resolved, i.e. Would it be easiest for someone from the OSI to respond
>to the questions in a new column in the spreadsheet and send it back
>or would setting up another call with Karl (and/or anyone else from
>the OSI) be easier?
>Thanks for your help and my apologies for such a long delay in
>following up on this!!
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