[License-discuss] [License-review] CC withdrawl of CC0 from OSI process

Chad Perrin perrin at apotheon.com
Fri Mar 2 18:44:39 UTC 2012

On Fri, Mar 02, 2012 at 10:09:05AM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
> On 03/02/2012 09:45 AM, Chad Perrin wrote:
> >
> >This could turn out to be a huge problem for any independent open
> >source software developer who is not wealthy. The only really safe
> >approach to open source software development, given the above,
> >would be "Don't."
> If you're a non-profit, pro-bono (free, for the public's benefit)
> legal counsel is available to you. If you are a for-profit, use of
> appropriate counsel is part of your development investment.

. . . and if you're neither, but are instead just a *human being*, that
statement is entirely irrelevant.

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