[License-discuss] proposal to revise and slightly reorganize the OSI licensing pages

Tzeng, Nigel H. Nigel.Tzeng at jhuapl.edu
Mon Jun 11 22:22:50 UTC 2012

On 6/11/12 3:54 PM, "Chad Perrin" <perrin at apotheon.com> wrote:

>Rather, I think the complaint is about people making hypocritical
>statements about exactly the kind of behavior they exhibit with regard to
>source code appropriation, and about people pretending there is no
>difference between two different edge cases of license effects when, in
>fact, there is a difference.  This may be getting buried under the
>language of disapproval.

Well, if folks don't get this after a good decade and a half I doubt
restating this point again will sway any opinions...even if I did just
that on Friday.

Best to let sleeping dogs lie...which includes not making snarky comments
like Rick did regarding "BSD regulars" on this list.

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