[License-discuss] Is it possible to use code or knowledge from Manuals/Wiki/Blog/Resonal pages?

Oleksandr Gavenko gavenkoa at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 13:30:54 UTC 2012

Currently Internet have a large amount of information in manuals, free online
book editions, blog post, wiki and personal articles.

Some of this information is valuable for knowledge and code examples.

Usually this kind of resource covered by FDL, Artistic or CC like licences. In
next my questions any can state that for each individual licence/version we
must make separate discussion. But I hope to listen some common
statement/construction about.

I have several similar questions about how I restricted to use this materials
to develop or modify software:


Is it possible use knowledge I get form these sources? In case of patent I
think no...


Is it possible copy and adopt examples of code from these sources?

I don't understand this. For example I use copyleft licence for my program and
Wikipedia use copyleft (share alike) license for its content. I got conflict?

Wikipedia free for knowledge but non-free for use it in free software with
different statements for freedom?


Interesting also case of non-free references and standards. They define a
coupe of constants, without which you can't develop certain types of protocol.
You need to copy a large part of constants and adapt many symbolic names for
these constants...

Is that valid?


Any suggestions or reading in this area are helpful...

Best regards!

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