[License-discuss] Derivative Works of a standard

Lawrence Rosen lrosen at rosenlaw.com
Mon Jul 9 23:29:13 UTC 2012

Grahame Grieve wrote:
> The basic notion is that you don't actually provide "a license" for 
> the standard, you provide a group of the OWFa statements from
> "the contributers" (though, in my context, I have *no* idea how 
> we'd figure out how that was).

You may not own the IP you seek to license. If you don't know who are the
owners of the IP in your standards, then how can you license it? Or rather,
any license you do give the world will be misleading and invalid. Nobody
here can help you do that.

OWF assumes that you have exercised diligence and maintained records of all
contributors. We recommend that you use the CLA to receive a license to
their contributions. Then final signatures on the OWFa require no further

I've talked with others in the past about HL7. I don't believe your group is
yet committed to full open source licensing for HL7 specifications, so your
question may be premature anyway. 


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