[License-discuss] GPL and non-GPL binaries in one distribution

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Thu Jan 12 22:58:51 UTC 2012

Henrik Ingo wrote:

> Yes. However, when referring to the GPL FAQ, I actually believe it
> represents the common understanding of a rather large portion of the
> FOSS community, not just the understanding of Stallman or perhaps
> Moglen. (Granted, for many it is just that they accept whatever the

Whilst Rick takes the view that the law doesn't allow the FSF to achieve 
its objectives, and there is a bias amongst people enquiring here 
towards people who want to leverage GPLed code without revealing their 
proprietary code.  My impression is that most people who use the GPL to 
protect their own intellectual creations actually tend to believe that 
the GPL protects against commercial exploitation even more than the FSF 
states, or would want it to do so.

> FSF says, for others it might be they don't want to argue with the
> FSF, but even so, their acceptance then contributes to the common
> understanding.) Hence I find it a useful though not legally
> authoritative document.

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