[License-discuss] [License-review] CC withdrawl of CC0 from OSI process

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 27 07:38:12 UTC 2012

Quoting Bruce Perens (bruce at perens.com):

> The pieces you don't like aren't there because anyone likes to put
> them there or because the people who wrote the license are idiots.
> There have been a lot of court cases in history. From those cases,
> we know a number of things that go wrong in courts. We want you not
> to get trapped by the same stuff.

Moreover, if we had our druthers, we'd prefer that hapless recipients
and third-party reusers of works released under badly conceived crayon
licences don't get hurt:  Sadly for those of us who are friends of Papa
Darwin, the people who make incompetent attempts to handwave away
copyright and caselaw realities with such licences don't hurt _only_ or
even primarily themselves.

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