[License-discuss] Permissive but anti-patent license

John Funnell john at parabolaresearch.com
Sun Dec 30 21:30:24 UTC 2012

When a user makes their first copy, their acceptance of the
anti-patent license is also an agreement to the restrictions on usage.
If a US person violates this by entering into an agreement for a
limited-scope patent license, they violate their original copyright
license and are thus not allowed to copy, own or use the software.

I believe it should be possible to restrict usage via copyright
license conditions just as it is possible to restrict almost anything.
E.g. I could put a clause that says licensee must be vegetarian.
Anyone eating meat would not have copyright license benefits and could
be held for infringement. Of course this would not be true open source
but the point is that the copyright license is a mechanism to impose
restrictions outside of copyright law.

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