[License-discuss] Making the PHP FAQ generic

Ben Reser ben at reser.org
Fri Dec 7 05:19:47 UTC 2012

Attached is a patch that makes the PHP FAQ question generic.

It does mention PHP, Perl and Python as examples.

In Perl's case I linked to the Artistic-Perl-1.0 license and not the
Artistic-2.0 license, since that's the license included with the
current stable version of Perl listed on perl.org.  I realize that we
consider this license replaced by Artistic-2.0 but the point of the
links are to show the license that justifies the languages inclusion.
I felt linking to a different license than what the current
recommended version of Perl is using would diminish that point.  I
chose the Artistic license over the GPL as Perl is known for this

The two additional languages I added as examples to the existing PHP
had properties that I felt justified their inclusion.  In Perl's case
there is a specific statement at the bottom of the README that
explains essentially what the FAQ is trying to explain in the context
of the GPL (Perl is dual licensed Artistic and GPL).  Python includes
a statement asserting that it is Open Source per the OSD in it's

The only other language I really considered to include here was Ruby,
which has a lot of licenses that apply to different files and I wasn't
comfortable with the licensing situation enough to include it in the
FAQ.  This isn't to say that Ruby isn't necessarily Open Source, I
just didn't feel that it was an easy thing to clearly assert in an

I preserved the anchor link of php-code so as to leave existing links working.
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