[License-discuss] Draft of new OSI licenses landing page; please review.

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Wed Apr 4 23:28:10 UTC 2012

Michael Bernstein <michael at fandomhome.com> writes:
>OSI might even document various well-known reasons to use licenses
>other than the ones recommended by OSI.

We could, but that to me feels like going down the slippery slope.

It makes sense to tune the page toward one special kind of visitor: a
person who doesn't know much about licenses, doesn't feel the need to
get expert help, and is just going to pick one.

Every other kind of person is too complicated for us to give guidance to
(Larry's point, basically, which for this set of people I entirely agree
with).  For them, the page is a reference, not a recommendation source.

By the way, and not that you were suggesting this, it doesn't work to
say to every visitor "You should get expert help."  That's nice, but
they won't -- it's not possible in many cases, and it's their
responsibility to judge whether it is in their case.

If a lot of VC money is on the line, you can bet they have a lawyer.
But if it's somebody's one-off script they wrote late one night and now
want to share, then they don't need a lawyer, they just need to pick a
license from the first group and release their script.


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