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Fri Oct 7 17:42:00 UTC 2011

John Cowan wrote:
> David Woolley scripsit:
>> Database copyrights are not like patents.  As long as you obtain the
>> fact independently, you can publish them.  Telephone directories and
>> maps have bogus entries to help detect whether a competing compilation
>> is truly independent.
> Maps, I hasten to say, are copyrightable in the U.S., although facts in
> the maps (like "London is in England") and about the maps ("Anytown USA"
> is in grid square N1 on such-and-such a map") are not.  The map itself,
> however, requires the selection of which facts to present and the choice
> of a manner of presentation, and as such is more than creative enough to
> be an object of copyright.
Rather worrying and rather relevant to this, thread, an American company 
is suing the (American) individual who maintains the timezone data used 
in Linux and other open source and proprietary software, for alleged 
infringement of their copyright on the historic timezone data, which 
they allege that  he has copied from their publication and has 
attributed that publication as source.


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