[License-discuss] Looking for a license agreement.

Rudy Lippan rlippan at remotelinux.com
Thu Oct 6 21:37:45 UTC 2011

> Rudy Lippan scripsit:
> > I give you free use of a copy machine, but state that as a condition
> > of use, you can't copy any of the books on shelf #3, even though a) I
> > don't own the books and b) they are in the public domain.
> You can do that because you own the copy machine.  But if a book is

But if I "own" the the software (copy machine), could I state that as a 
condition of my allowing you to use the software that you will read the 
"requirements"(title page) of the components (books) and agree to abide by
what it says before using it with the software (making a photocopy)?


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