[License-discuss] Looking for a license agreement.

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Thu Oct 6 21:06:58 UTC 2011

Rudy Lippan wrote:

> There may not be intellectual property in the components; however, there is work
> involved in their creation.  As such, I think it would be fair to be able to
> attribute the creator some level of control over the use use of the product.
> License may be the wrong term here, but the idea is the same. 

That's why the UK recognizes database copyrights.  However, if no such 
statute applies, you must create a contract with every transfer or copy 
of the components, and as part of that contract, require the receiving 
party to treat them as confidential.  I'm not sure that is compatible 
with open source.

Creating a contract where no money changes hands can be difficult.

You are creating the opposite of a licence; you are imposing 
restrictions where none previously existed.


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