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Fri May 13 09:37:48 UTC 2011

To create a binary executable in Perl you use the utility "pp"

According to the license notice :

"Neither this program nor the associated
impose any licensing restrictions on files generated by their
execution, in accordance with the 8th article of the Artistic License:

    "Aggregation of this Package with a commercial distribution is
    always permitted provided that the use of this Package is embedded;
    that is, when no overt attempt is made to make this Package's
    interfaces visible to the end user of the commercial distribution.
    Such use shall not be construed as a distribution of this Package."

Therefore, you are absolutely free to place any license on the resulting
executable, as long as the packed 3rd-party libraries are also available
under the Artistic License."

may I create an executable with "pp" which comprises of modules of various
licenses, such as BSD,Artistic,GPL and license this executable under GPL?

Also what does "commercial distribution" mean? If I make a GPL application
and charge for distribution fees, is that rendered as a commercial
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