GPLv3 compatibility questions

Ilia Ternovich ternovich at
Tue May 10 05:27:18 UTC 2011


I'm working on medium-size open-source project. Currently all
code-base is almost ready and I'm preparing to release my project so I
do have some licensing questions.

1. I'd like to provide separate license for my code (which will be
released under GPLv3) and artwork (e.g. icons, images). All icons,
image and other artwork stuff is placed into separate assembly of my
project and is used by application by static linking of this assembly.
I don't want any derivatives and commercial usage of my hand-made
icons/images/artwork. Is it legal to use
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
license for artwork assembly (package) while all code-base is released
under GPLv3?

2. I'm using multiple 3rd party libraries which are released under
following licenses:

I'm going to provide separate licenses for each 3rd party assembly in
separate file. E.g:
NMock2 - NMock2.license.txt
Npgsql - Npgsql.license.txt
WPFToolkit - WPFToolit.license.txt

Is this legal and common to do? If this is wrong mailing list to ask
such a question please point me to the right place. I want to release
my open-source project in several 1-2 weeks and don't want any
licensing troubles at all.


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