SPDX License List v1.12 - OSI Approved column added

Juergen Weigert jw at suse.de
Thu Jun 9 18:40:16 UTC 2011

On Jun 09, 11 11:57:09 -0600, Jilayne Lovejoy wrote:
> (I've cc'ed Karl at OSI and the OSI license group email, so they are aware
> of this conversation)
> Re: Juergen's second point below about having more options than "yes" or
> blank for the OSI Approved column on the SPDX License List - I don't think
> that's a good idea.  For example, "not OSI compliant" would require someone
> making that call and is open to interpretation as to meaning.

You are right there. 'not OSI compliant' is a subjective opinion only, unless
declared so by OSI. "No potential OSI compliance issues known" is something 
I'd love to utilize at SUSE when categorizing licenses. -- I just fell prey to 
the idea of shaping 'reasonable doubt' into something factual again. Sorry.

> I don't think the OSI approves new licenses that often
> and thus, this field won't change that often, which may mean the effort for
> some kind of automatic syncing is not worth it in so far as a cost/benefit
> perspective.  

I'am not so much concerned about the effort (which is low). The cost of
automation are an investment in the safety of the process. Human forgetfulness 
and errors eliminated. (No offense meant, only reflecting the nasty effects of 
my own workload, sometimes)

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