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Thanks for this info. This was pretty much what I was expecting really,
I will have a look round for an appropriate licence which I could
modify. The issue of open source in the police service has been kicking
around for years now and we've (the service as a whole) have only just
managed to get a policy out that permits the use of open source
(although we have practically been using OSS for years now - Apache,
Linux, Eclipse etc.). Going the full open source route at the moment
would certainly cause a few burst blood vessels with the policy makers!
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>>> "Jeffery, Christopher" <C.Jeffery at> 08/02/11 13:30

If you want to restrict use to other police forces, you don't open
source - you create a fairly simple template free but 'traditional'
(i.e. specific to that user organisation) licence that you either get
signed in the old-fashioned way, or which you incorporate into an online
process in a secure environment accessible to technologists within other
forces (if such a thing exists).
Open source involves the loss of control over onward distribution and
use that you want to avoid.    As to where you would get such a licence,
there will be licences available online, but I see a degree of bespoke
elements here which, though not overly-complicated, would need some
thought, and perhaps some input from a friendly lawyer :)
As requested, I have avoided any mention of how good OS development can
be, even for this scenario!

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I work for a development team in a UK police force. We produce good
quality J2EE software for the use of principally by my police force.
However, as money is tight across the UK policing now, other forces are
looking to adopt solutions developed by my team in their forces. As
ardent consumers of open source tools in our development environment and
component use, I would like other police forces to use as they see fit
my software. However, some of the applications do have a security risk
associated with them if they were licensed according to one of the
standard / recommended licenses. Basically what I would like to do is
give my software away to other police forces so they can modify, copy
etc. , but impose restrictions on the redistribution of it. I wouldn't
be happy for the software to go to a commercial supplier who then
charges for it.

Is there an appropriate existing licence for this? Does anyone have any
recommendations about this generally? I don't particularly want to get
into a debate about the merits of fully open sourcing these apps and the
benefits that this may bring in relation to enhanced security, the
debate on this has been well rehearsed at a national level and is deemed
not appropriate for the police service at this moment in time.

Thanks for any advice.




Conrad Crampton

Software Development Manager
Force Headquarters
8 Edinburgh Square
Sutton Road
ME15 9BZ
01622 652885 (ext)
19-2885 (internal)
07972 004551  (mobile)

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