[License-discuss] GPL and proprietary WebAPIs

Thomas Schneider Thomas.Schneider at thsitc.com
Tue Dec 27 20:20:27 UTC 2011

Good answer, John!

Same with me, deceniums agao, at GEISCO (General Electric Information 

But you do *never know* what the future does bring ...

** unless you actively do try to INFLUENCE it (the future of human 
beeings) **

Watch me at Thomas.Schneider.Wien, at FaceBook, Skype, etc...

Then you will know ;-)

Thomas Schneider.

PS: AND: I will definitely need help from many, many individual humans :-)

Am 27.12.2011 19:53, schrieb John Cowan:
> Rick Moen scripsit:
>> MySQL AB's sales staff is reputed to have made claims to customers
>> that were insupportable.  (Whether that thus constitutes a licensing
>> strategy I would not know, but I'm generally not quite that cynical.)
> Maybe not, but lying to your customers is definitely a *business*
> strategy.  Whether or not MySQL AB employed it, my first employer
> certainly did.  Their salesmen were told to say the software could do
> anything the customer asked for, and the programmers (including me) had
> the job of cashing out these promises, however extravagant.
> I eventually got sick of this and left, whereupon some enterprising
> person issued a post-final paycheck in my name and forged my signature
> to it.  Shortly after, the company collapsed.  Four equally bogus
> companies later, the principals finally found themselves under arrest.
>> Which is mostly just a case in point about why a businessman who talks
>> directly to salesman and believes what they say without investigation
>> has a fool for a negotiator.
> *shrug*   Unbiased advice is always hard to come by.

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