[License-discuss] GPL and proprietary WebAPIs

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Dec 23 11:52:52 UTC 2011

Quoting Chris Travers (chris at metatrontech.com):

> Good for you (I mean that).  As I say in the LedgerSMB project we hold
> API's (however invoked) to be freely usable with the minor exception
> that inheritance probably crosses the line into derivative works land
> (because once inheritance is much more expressively intimate than mere
> linking).

I just wanted to add that I am a great admirer of Larry Rosen's work 
in advising about the _purported_ and _frequently misunderstood_
requirements of GNU GPL (and others), and have been known to assist with
that myself, in various small ways (and not even as consulting

For example, in bygone days the sales staff at MySQL AB are reputed to
have spread some quite doubtful information about licensing requirements
for software used with MySQL, and I've tried to do my part to debunk
those claims.

I doubt very much that the recent queries here qualify as that variety
of public service.  

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