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Michael Tiemann tiemann at opensource.org
Thu Dec 22 13:57:20 UTC 2011

> Well, here's a list of OSI-approved licenses that Tom Callaway and I
> judged non-FOSS when we examined them (though I haven't looked at
> these in a few years). (This does not include the Artistic License 1.0
> and certain of its OSI-approved derivatives, which Fedora treats as
> non-FOSS based on FSF precedent.) :
> Adaptive Public License http://opensource.org/licenses/apl1.0.php

Let me try to speak to this.  There was a time when we thought that one
solution to the proliferation problem was due to the fact that licenses
were fixed texts (the GNU GPL) or were parametric in the wrong variables
(MPL).  The Adaptive Public License came along as a highly parametric
license template.  I think it was approved more on the merits of being a
potential solution to the proliferation problem than on the merits of being
an easy-to-understand or quite-excellent open source license.  History has
essentially proven that to have been an erroneous judgement.

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