Pending OSI License Committee work?

Karl Fogel kfogel at
Tue Apr 12 17:53:51 UTC 2011

Luis Villa <luis at> writes:
>There used to be a list of pending work in a bug tracker somewhere,
>but I'm not sure it is kept up to date. I'm also not sure there is a
>formal committee.

Bug tracker?  I'm glad I asked :-).  Where is that?

>For what little it is worth, Mozilla has pre-informed the list of
>Mozilla's intention to submit MPL 2.0. There are also some requests
>from Python to formalize some of their license changes, and from us to
>move a variety of licenses to deprecated. These are discussed to some
>extent in the archives:
>MPL Alpha 3 with full description/justification as required by
>submission rules:
>MPL Beta 2 followup:
>The Python requests went to license-discuss instead of license-review:
>see March archives:
>Discussion of updates to the license list:

You rock for digging these up, thanks.  I'll try to make sure our
tracking system is up-to-date with all this, and get a handle on what's
pending with deadlines vs what's just at the discussion stage.


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