Google's patent license for VP8 [was: Google WebM?]

Wilson, Andrew andrew.wilson at
Sat May 22 06:57:25 UTC 2010

Mike Tiemann wrote:

> I have blogged about this subject:
> I have given that posting the title "Re: VP8 and WebM--Thank you, Google! (P.S. Let's talk)"

Thanks for the pointer, Mike.  Interesting post.  I do have a question
on how FSF will react, since I'm quite sure they will say the VP8 license
patent grant is GPLv2 incompatible for the same reason as Apache 2.0, and I wonder if they will say VP8
is GPLv3 incompatible.  GPLv3 defensive suspension is triggered when a
licensee initiates patent litigation against other licensees.  VP8 defensive suspension
is triggered when a licensee, a licensee's exclusive patent licensee, or the licensee's agent
initiates patent litigation, so VP8's defensive suspension clause seems broader in scope
than GPLv3's.

I'm sure FSF will have an opinion.

Andy Wilson
Intel open source technology center

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