Appropriate licenses for web libraries

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Wed Mar 10 01:59:04 UTC 2010

Pimm Hogeling wrote:
> The community has decided that it wants to relicense the libraries under
> a license that does not obligate a licensee to accompany binaries by the
> license, a copyright notice or a disclaimer. Is that possible? Is there
> a license that does this?

Yes.  The Boost license (
seems well-suited for this.  In part,

"The copyright notices in the Software and this entire statement,
including the above license grant, this restriction and the following
disclaimer, must be included in all copies of the Software, in whole or
in part, and all derivative works of the Software, unless such copies or
derivative works are solely in the form of machine-executable object
code generated by a source language processor."

I have to agree with David, though, that there is probably a standard
way to embed copyright metadata (in addition to obvious routes, like
HTML and JS comments and a right-click About option).  It looks like XMP
might handle this.

Matthew Flaschen

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