Appropriate licenses for web libraries

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Tue Mar 9 14:27:26 UTC 2010

Hey DES,

thanks for the response.

2010/3/9 Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at>

> Why?

Because doing so (accompanying binaries by the license, a copyright notice
and a disclaimer) requires more effort for some of the software that runs in
the browser than it does for traditional software. Think of a small, or even
invisible, music player on a website. In my understanding, such player would
include parts of the core libraries, and therefore must be accompanied by
the license, a copyright notice and a disclaimer. The easiest way to do that
seems to host a license file on your server, and put a link to that file on
every page that includes the music player.

2010/3/9 Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at>

> You should take a look at what gcc says about libgcc or what bison says
> about liby. <des at>

The only thing I can find is the GCC Runtime Library Exception
It seems they've added an additional permission to the GPLv3, basically
allowing a licensee to use some files in binary form without obligations if
some other conditions are met.
I cannot find anything on liby. Could you perhaps point me in the right


Pimm Hogeling
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