question about a project licensed under CC NC claiming to be open source

Thomas Riboulet riboulet at
Wed Jun 23 16:28:52 UTC 2010

On Jun 23, 2010, at 6:21 PM, Joseph Bell wrote:

> Creative Commons on source code... frown.
> From the website it looks like they simply want to generate revenue from corporate use, anyone else can use it freely - so it's really a dual licensing question.
> I haven't read CC NC 2.5 but you should review it carefully depending on what you want to do with this code - if they are in a position of dual licensing they probably don't want you taking the code, extending it, relicensing it, etc.  What do you want to do with it? 
> Joe

one of my clients pointed me towards this lib recently so I checked it out to see if it can replace the one I'm using.

The license question quickly suprised me as I'm a bit used to common open source licenses (mit, gpl, apache, bsd, ...) for code and Creative Commons for other stuff.
but following recent GPL violations I decided to check with if my understanding was correct and if some actions need to be done to avoid similar cases on a larger than gpl (meaning open source in general) scale.

so anyway I probably won't do anything with that code.



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