question about a project licensed under CC NC claiming to be open source

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Jun 23 16:21:55 UTC 2010

Thomas Riboulet scripsit:

> the website is claiming that it's open source, yet the licence is
> Creative Commons non commercial 2.5 and I didn't find any link to the
> code except the actual js lib.
> the CC NC license is not listed in the open source licenses, what is
> the stand of in such a case ?

It's not listed because it's not open source; it violates clause 6
of the Open Source Definition, which prohibits discrimination against
commercial use.

> and what action is possible towards this project to have them clarify
> the status of their software ?

We can ask politely, and I have just done so using the contact form on
the site.  Nobody owns the term "open source", so no punitive action is
possible, but there is a clear public understanding of the term.

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