Questions about the two-clause BSD license

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Oct 19 03:04:14 UTC 2009

Pimm Hogeling scripsit:

> So essentially, the license is copyleft? Receiving a work that
> includes a part released under a BSD license gives you the freedom to
> redistribute that part?

If you can find it.

The BSD license, like many permissive licenses, doesn't grant you access
to the source code; it presupposes it.  It tells you "Anyone who has the
source may do this, that, and the other with it."  It does not compel
you to provide source to anyone, which is the mark of a copyleft license.

But if all you have is a bag of binary bits, the fact that some of the
source is BSD-licensed doesn't give you any useful rights, because you
don't have that source.

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