Use of LGPL images in proprietary software?

Cinly Ooi cinly.ooi at
Mon Oct 5 14:57:28 UTC 2009

Dear John, Mala,

> i found an icon set licensed with LGPL which I would like to use in
> > proprietary (and potentially commercial) software.


> > 2. Can they be embedded in binary files (e.g. statically linked into
> > the executable) or do they need to be accessible for the user?
> They need to be readily replaceable by the user.  This does not mean
> that if the user replaces them with unsuitable images (wrong format,
> wrong size, whatever) that your program has to still work.  It means
> that if a new version of the images becomes available, the user can
> easily plug them into your software.
> So either you need to ship an editor that can modify your executables, or
> you need to make them separate, perhaps as separate files or in a zipfile.
I believe in this case we have to treat "images" as "source code" in LGPL

I agree that others must be able to get hold of the images, but I am not
sure that it is necessary to make the images editable or replaceable in the
binary file itself. Can you elaborate?

Thank you and best regards,

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