question about AGPLv3, OSLv3, the keyword 'communicate'

Michael Poole mdpoole at
Fri Oct 2 11:19:09 UTC 2009

Finjon Kiang writes:

> Dear All,
> I know both AGPLv3 and OSLv3 try to solve the 'ASP loophole' problem.
> But the keywords 'communicate' in OSLv3 and 'communication' in AGPLv3
> make me feel confused.
> If I modify one application which licensed under AGPLv3 or OSLv3. And
> I just use it as my own website, without offering services like ASP
> vendors does. Is it possible anyone who visiting my website also grant
> the right to ask the source code from me? Because they must
> 'communicate' the application through browser.
> Or maybe somebody could point me to something like FAQ about this
> issue. It's a little bit hard to find the answer. Thanks. :)

This list can't offer legal advice for your particular situation, but
my understanding is that both licenses want you to make the modified
source code available to users of such a web site.  It is not a
question of whether you are offer paid services, but whether you
modify the software and then give other people access to it.

Michael Poole

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