Freeing my code... need some guidance

Dr. David Alan Gilbert gilbertd at
Sun Jan 11 15:53:50 UTC 2009

* Simon (turner25 at wrote:
> I am very sorry, I have mislead you all.
> Currently the code has been written entirely by me, at home without my 
> employer's knowledge.  Until now, I intended to use it as a closed source 
> for private or commercial projects.
> I would like to license the code _BEFORE_ it falls into the hands of my 
> employer.

Just because your employer didn't know you wrote it doesn't mean they can't
claim it was related to them. You will have to check your contract with them
to ensure that there is nothing in there about the way IP ownership is
transferred to them; different employers have different ways of writing this
and some of them may surprise you.

It's very important that if you release it under a free license and
a zillion other people pick it up that we don't find out 10 years
later that someone else has a claim over it.

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