Freeing my code... need some guidance

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Mon Jan 12 04:55:39 UTC 2009

Simon wrote:
> I mentionned in my original post that I thought having my name
> remembered what the only remain of my previous possessiveness, but
> thinking more about it.  I think if my employer wants to remove it for
> any reason, if they have reasons I mean, I think I could agree to that. 
> But in general terms, I prefer to have my copyright follow the
> derivatives into the future.

It's probably not your copyright.  Thus, you don't have the right to
require they keep your copyright notice.

>>> His reasons include, "Because I want to use this in a business I am
>>> planning to found."  Most employers won't like that reason very much.
>>> :-)
>> That's not /necessarily/ hurting the business.  Businesses don't
>> (always) try to do everything themselves.
> And besides, the work that was started by me at home, continued at work
> at their expense will eventually be continued by my company at my
> expense.

If part of it was developed on company time, then that part at least is
definitely owned by your company.

> Nothing like a full-blown programmer contract clause that extends the
company territory as far as
> the employee's harddrive in certain cases...  and again...  the work is
> currently fully mine, i haven't shared it yet.  I'm preparing...  with
> your help!

In some jurisdictions, it will be owned by your company even if the
contract does not explicitly say so.

Matthew Flaschen

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