Freeing my code... need some guidance

Simon turner25 at
Sun Jan 11 17:02:07 UTC 2009

Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
> * Simon (turner25 at wrote:
>> I am very sorry, I have mislead you all.
>> Currently the code has been written entirely by me, at home without my 
>> employer's knowledge.  Until now, I intended to use it as a closed source 
>> for private or commercial projects.
>> I would like to license the code _BEFORE_ it falls into the hands of my 
>> employer.
> Just because your employer didn't know you wrote it doesn't mean they can't
> claim it was related to them. You will have to check your contract with them
> to ensure that there is nothing in there about the way IP ownership is
> transferred to them; different employers have different ways of writing this
> and some of them may surprise you.

Yes, you are right.  What I read was very general and the catch may be just 
there... that by being general, it can be interpreted in different ways...

> It's very important that if you release it under a free license and
> a zillion other people pick it up that we don't find out 10 years
> later that someone else has a claim over it.

That would hurt lots!  No, I'm taking my time to discuss this, to get oriented 
and I will build my own license if I need to, I will have it checked by a lawyer 
for sure before I ever start sharing the code...  but at least, here with you 
guys, I can find out all that I want more and more precisely.

In fact, if I am able to make such a license and if a contract is also required 
to bind my employer, I'm clearly willing to publish those two documents (as 
templates) for anybody else to use.  In any case, I have lots of time ahead of 
me, and you guys have already given me a lot of information and ideas...  these 
will simmer in my mind for a while before I take any decision.


> Dave

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