Freeing my code... need some guidance

Ben Tilly btilly at
Sun Jan 11 16:26:07 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 7:54 AM, Simon <turner25 at> wrote:
> Sorry to have misled you, but you bring good ideas... discussed below.
> As said in my first reply to Ben Tilly, my code should be licensed _BEFORE_
> it reaches my employer, it is currently my private, closed source, personal
> work for which I have all rights.

As I said before, you need to consult a good lawyer before you can be
sure of this.  Even though it is your idea, implemented at home when
you were away from work, it *may* actually belong to your employer.
Or may not - this varies widely.

But I have known enough people who have been bitten by this fact that
I strongly advise you to make no assumptions without talking it over
with a lawyer first.  Because as soon as you discuss it with your
employer, I guarantee that they will get good legal advice and are
likely enforce any rights they have to the limit of the law.


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