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Lawrence Rosen lrosen at rosenlaw.com
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The Open Kernel Labs website claims the following:


Is OKL4 Open Source?  
OKL4 is dual licensed. The source code for OKL4 is freely available for
inspection and use under an open source license. Use of OKL4 under the open
source license requires that the source code for the software using OKL4
also be made freely available. In the event you do not want to make your
source code freely available, you can purchase a proprietary use license for

[http://www.ok-labs.com/faq#isOKL4OpenSource ] 


The OK Labs website says this: "OKL4  is distributed under the Iggy
<http://www.ok-labs.com/licenses#iggy-wanna>  Wanna Open Source License." I
can find no record of OSI having approved the Iggy Wanna Open Source


Section 1(c) of the Iggy Wanna Open Source License contains the following
provision: "Redistributions in any form must be accompanied by information
on how to obtain complete source code for: (i) the Software; and (ii) all
accompanying software that uses (or is intended to use) the Software whether
directly or indirectly." [http://www.ok-labs.com/licenses#iggy-wanna] 


Such a provision has never been approved for an open source license.


Does anyone here know the history of this software and this license?




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