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Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Thu Apr 2 04:00:19 UTC 2009

Wilson, Andrew wrote:
> Matt, if "my program" in this context is an original work where Michele is
> the copyright owner and which is not derived from GPL code, then
> I think his question may be about dual licensing of his original code,
> not the (L)GPL libraries. In that case, the answer for dual licensing
> GPL/proprietary of Michele's original code would be "probably yes."

Any code that is owned solely by Michele and not a derivative of any
other code can be dual-licensed without constraints.  Is that what
you're saying?  If so, I agree.  Of course, determining what is a
derivative work is non-trivial.

> I am not a lawyer.  Michele, you need a real lawyer for
> these questions.

Agreed.  As already said, this is not legal advice.  You can only get
that from a lawyer.

Matt Flaschen

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