Quick newbie question

Chris Couch couchc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 22:32:10 UTC 2008

Under the OSI Open  Source Definition is the following statement:

4. Integrity of The Author's Source Code

The license may restrict source-code from being distributed in  
modified form only if the license allows the distribution of "patch  
files" with the source code for the purpose of modifying the program  
at build time. The license must explicitly permit distribution of  
software built from modified source code. The license may require  
derived works to carry a different name or version number from the  
original software.

Rationale: Encouraging lots of improvement is a good thing, but users  
have a right to know who is responsible for the software they are  
using. Authors and maintainers have reciprocal right to know what  
they're being asked to support and protect their reputations.

Could you please tell me what licenses implement this specific  


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