Questions about patents and open source licences

Erik Wikström Erik-wikstrom at
Sun Mar 30 13:35:28 UTC 2008

Hello, and sorry if this has been discussed to death already but a
search of the archives did not turn up any recent answers to my questions.

Question 1:

It is my understanding that the EU does not recognise pure software
patents but since we live in a connected world where some countries (the
US for one) do. Imagine that I (living in the EU) write a piece of
software and publishes it on the web under a the BSD licence and it
later turns out that it uses some technique covered by a patent in the
US, how will that affect me?

 * Can I be sued (even tough I have done nothing illegal where I live)?
 * Even if I on my site add a disclaimer disallowing downloads/use/etc.
   in countries which allow software patents?
 * Can I protect my self in some other way?

Erik Wikström

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