Request for approval: EUPL (European Union Public Licence)

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Thu Mar 27 03:20:24 UTC 2008

Russ Nelson wrote:
> Matthew Flaschen writes:
>  > Not really, because once an error is found it can be used repeatedly by 
>  > non-speakers.
> I don't understand your concern here.  If a license in one language
> complies with the OSD, AND if the license says "distributors may
> choose any translation" THEN people may always distribute under the
> license that complies with the OSD.  Thus, the license is
> approvable (not that the EUPL says that, but I propose that it
> should, to eliminate the translation problem.)
> What are you worried about?  That somebody might have MORE freedom
> than the licensor intends?  How is that your concern?

My concern is the license is stated to be a copyleft license, but an 
error in a translation could allow circumventing the copyleft.

There are other possibilities too.  I just don't think OSI has the 
resources to review non-English licenses at this time.

Matt Flaschen

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