MS continued attack on OSD #6

Rick Moen rick at
Mon Mar 24 23:56:37 UTC 2008

Quoting B Galliart (bgallia at

> The fact that the title needed to be corrected at all seems to
> indicate a need to be more alarmed than less.

/me showers B Galliart with magic perspective sauce, and points out that 
he just used the phrase "a need to more alarmed" in connection to a
Slashdot thread prompted by a mistaken blog posting by a corporate
intern.  We both laugh and walk away, our day brightened by the comic
moment.  Exeunt omnes.

> Microsoft seems to go several step further than the QNX press release.
> It claims MSCompBio is open source.[2]

This is the same overblown reference to a puff-job marketing PDF we saw
before, and incremental antiquity has not piled noticeable merit atop
the earlier citation.  

> Microsoft's own statement about the availability for Singularity[4]
> seems to imply that it is open source:
> "The Singularity Research Development Kit (RDK) 1.1 is now available
> for academic non-commercial use. You can download it from CodePlex,
> Microsoft's open source project hosting website, here."

Used cow food, sir.  

"Available for academin non-commercial use" is as clear as one could
wish for.

One more time, sir, before I write you off entirely:

  People on this mailing list tend to have limited amounts of time and
  effort to devote to it.  Accordingly, your best chance at being taken
  seriously is to avoid exaggeration -- e.g., don't pretend that some
  college intern's screwup is anything like corporate policy -- and, avoid
  time-wasting rhetorical excess, and make very sure you include vital
  details like _why_ you consider otherwise apparently motley marketing
  fluff on the Internet to merit OSI's time and trouble.

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