Censure Re: Affero Licence/AGPL

Rodent of Unusual Size coar at opensource.org
Sun Mar 16 14:31:37 UTC 2008

Alexander Terekhov wrote:
> I've made no fault, Ernest.

I suspect you have.  You seem to be forgetting that
participating on this list is a privilege, not a right.
It's a privilege extended to everyone by default, as
part of the extreme laissez-faire 'all should be heard'
attitude, but it's a privilege nonetheless.  If the
people who provide the list feel that someone's
participation is more unproductive than otherwise,
the privilege extended by default may be withdrawn.

You've been asked multiple times to alter your
behaviour on this list, and each time your response
has been, 'No, because I'm not doing anything wrong.'

"intransigency: the trait of being intransigent;
stubbornly refusing to compromise"
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