MS continued attack on OSD #6

Rick Moen rick at
Mon Mar 10 23:16:12 UTC 2008

Quoting B Galliart (bgallia at

[snipping a whole lot of prefatory, rather overwrought rhetoric]

> On March 5th, Alex Ionescu, a Microsoft Student Ambassador, posted to
> Slashdot the claim that "Microsoft Singularity Now 'Open' Source."

That's all you have?  A college student who received one of Microsoft
Corporation's intern sponsorships made a baseless claim about licensing
of a product, one that the product's own development site
( does _not_ make?

OK, so, go ask Microsoft management to figuratively spank their pet intern.

> And the article claiming MSCompBio is "open source" still remains.

You must really have to dig, to find that five-page PDF marketing brochure.
I'm unclear on how one can find it from the MSCompBio project page
(  Probably not at all.  

Anyhow, yes, it appears that some uncredited marketing guy referred to
four new codebases as open source without bothering to verify their
licence status, and probably without understanding the term in the first
place.  It would be nice if the company would rewrite or remove that
piece at some point, but hardly an emergency -- for anyone, let alone

(I don't speak for OSI, but prefer reasonable perspective over alarmist
advocacy, and suspect OSI's Board members feel likewise.)

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