using Visual Basic in open source projects

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Wed Jul 23 14:00:14 UTC 2008

>The paragraph is not misleading.  You are misinterpreting it.  It is not
>saying you /can't/ license a VB6 program under the GPL (note that it
>says "If you do this", which means you can do it).  It's saying if you
>do so, your program can't be used in a free software only environment.

No, I understand what it means.  However, I believe it is misleading 
to answer the question with that paragraph because of the implication
that "it cannot be part of a free operating system such as GNU" can be 
Which only partly true anyway.  While the kernel dev's have signed a 
statement to condemn closed source drivers, binary-only modules still
work in Linux.  Linus nixed the nuclear option on binary drivers a couple
years ago.
It is especially misleading since he's running on Windows anyway 
with the intent on using the .NET framework.  It is like answering the
question "Is this car suitable for Argentina" with "It is illegal to drive 
on the right side of the road in the UK."
PS Pablo, yes MS-PL and MS-RL are OSI approved open source 
licenses.  It would probably be polite to use those if you intend on
hosting on CodePlex but there's no other compelling reason do so.
I tend to use whatever license is most compatible to related projects
with a preference on permissive licenses.  If I use some C# code
off Codeplex that is MS-PL, I just use that for whatever little
project I'm doing.
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