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Greetings Nigel,

Tzeng, Nigel H. wrote:
> Fortunately the open source definition is not so constraining.  You 
> can find many open source projects written in VB and C#.  Not quite as 
> many as in Java/C++/C but still quite a few.  Even GPL ones...although 
> I'd guess most would be Ms-PL or Ms-RL as most would live on CodePlex.
Are MS-PL and/or MS-RL OSI approved licenses?

> So...there's no issues with running in the "Free World".  Especially 
> given that you can run proprietary apps on Linux which represents the 
> main "free" operating system anyway.  That paragraph is misleading in 
> this context.
I think it's written much in the spirit of the FSF... I think that what 
they mean is that if you are running in a free-only operating 
environment, where every component is "free and open source", then it is 
not possible to run software that depends on propietary/closed source 
code. My concern, however, is not that far reaching... I know that 
whatever code we can produce at the Lab it is going to be very MS 
Windows-centric... our systems are going to be designed for a Windows 
9x/2000/XP environment.
> I would look to see the extent of VB compatibility under Mono if it 
> really bothers you.  It was a 2006 Google SoC project if I recall 
> correctly.  Cool stuff and I think the student was hired by Novell.
Excellent project... but for what I understand about it, it is aiming at 
.NET compatibility, not really VB6.
> Given that you are in an academic environment I would also recommend 
> looking at Educational Community License v2.0.  It is Apache based and 
> used on other educational projects like Sakai.  It is GPL 3.0 
> compatible but not 2.0. 
I'll look it up :-) thank you!

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