distributing GPL libreries

Lawrence Rosen lrosen at rosenlaw.com
Mon Jul 14 22:55:44 UTC 2008

Further questions below. /Larry

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> Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> > We had recently a discussion about distributing GPL licensed libraries.
> > My point of view is that, this would put any GPL incompatible code at
> risc
> > for violating the GPL on such a system.
> > Is this true?

[LR:] Why is there any risk for GPL incompatible code? Who is "violating the
GPL" and what does that really mean?
David Woolley responded:
> The reason that one would distribute GPL libraries is that one does want
>   to discourage linking with non-GPLed code.  I believe that the FSF
> prefers libraries to be GPL for this reason, but makes a dispensation
> for certain libraries.

[LR:] Why should anyone want to discourage linking with non-GPL code? What
does FSF's preference have to do with anything?

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